The Midnight Ocean

Leslie McGuirk


Whether facilitating a corporate retreat, writing and illustrating a children’s book or leveraging her decades’ worth of experience as an astrologer for clients worldwide, Leslie possesses the unique ability to bring people together.

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Creativity is more important than ever as our world has become super “hyper”, and a lot of us live in a kind of “numb zone” in which routine, logic, and practicality is king.

In making the case for creativity, Leslie draws on her diverse background as a writer/illustrator, astrologer, and workshop facilitator. Though all different on the surface, her unique way of discussing creative thought in clear terms relies on her ability to garner the trust of others.

Perceptive and non-linear with a healthy sense of humor, Leslie is committed to sharing her unique views on life, creativity, art and other subjects across multiple settings in an effort to encourage people to move past themselves.

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