The Midnight Ocean

Halloween Special

Halloween Resurrection

Join, The Midnight Ocean, Late Night Paranormal Podcast, as we perform an on-air Halloween Resurrection of the dead tonight for Halloween.

Jeff Norton will be taking scary calls from the listening audience. Later in the show, Jeff will conjure the radio spirits and resurrect Scott Bishop’s Dark Fantasy radio show. Sit back and enjoy the show , while trying not to fall asleep before the sun rises.

Dark Fantasy was an American radio supernatural thriller anthology series. It had a short run of 31 episodes, debuting on November 14, 1941, and ending on June 19, 1942. Its writer was Scott Bishop, also known for his work on The Mysterious Traveler. It originated from station WKY in Oklahoma City and was heard Friday nights on NBC stations. The stories found a nationwide audience almost immediately.

Dark Fantasy

October 31st, 2016 by
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