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NSA Phone
September 26th, 2016 by jnorton

Check if The NSA is linked to your IPhone


Follow these instructions to see if the NSA is listening to your iPhone.

Turn On iPhone and dial:



Step 1: *3001#12345#* (Press The Dial Button)

That will display the Field Test screen
Step 2: Select/Tap PDP Context Info
Step 3: Select/Tap 0
Under the IPV4 address write that down. In My case, it is

The Goto Network Tools
Step 4: Select Network Lookup
Step 5: Just Above the GO button replace the number in that box with the number from Step 3
Step 6: Look for

OrgName: DoD Network Information Center
Address: 3990 E. Broad Street
City: Columbus
StateProv: OH
PostalCode: 43218
Country: US
Updated: 2011-08-17

If the OrgName says DoD the NSA is listening to your phone conversations and browser traffic.

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September 2nd, 2016 by jnorton

I have been asked on several occasions if I believe in the Illuminati and my answer is, what is your definition of the Illuminati? You would be surprised at how many different ways that can be answered. So like my inquisition I will answer their question in the same manner.

Do I believe in the Illuminati? No, but first let me explain. Do I believe that there is a supreme person that calls all the shots? The answer is once again NO. To further my response I always have to add that I do believe that there are competing, powerful interests wanting to control us, and to this, statement my answer is a resounding yes.

I think the term Illuminati is used incorrectly on many levels, first and foremost the desire to control or to enslave is not an Illuminati principle. The basic definition of Illuminati is to be enlightened. Now some would argue that those in power use this enlightenment to control the masses. My opinion is this is a false application of the term Illuminati. I think the term that is best applied to these groups or individuals are a Cabal and not the Illuminati. These Cabal’s might use their enlightenment to meet their objectives but their enlightenment is just a tool to impose knowledge a superiority upon their subjects in a form of esoteric perversion.

Last night’s show proved to me that there is a conflict within the Masonic ranks in which a group or groups of persons are trying to steal the enlightenment of Masonic traditions and rituals and pervert them from Christianity to a One, Government and World Religion. They are using the Mysteries of the Secret Society of freemasonry to hide this manipulation.

It is true that freemasonry has secrets but it is not a Secret Society. We see it every day in symbology and as you drive by lodges. It is far from being in the shadows. What is hidden is the takeover of a Christian Order by Secular Cabals.

So when asked if I believe in Illuminati, my answer is yes, we all should seek enlightenment.

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