The Midnight Ocean

Beth Leone


Hi, my name is Beth Leone and I love to connect people to the beauty and power within them. I have dedicated my life to the exploration of human potential, immersing myself in the sacred arts of shamanism, martial arts, qigong, sexuality, and spirituality.


My passion for spiritual understanding led me to train with masters and grandmasters in many arts. I trained for many years in shamanism, Shaolin Kung Fu and Taoist qigong I carry 5 black belts and am the first female Master in my martial art lineage.

I have blazed my own trail this life and have traveled to the ends of the earth in order to find answers to the mysteries of life. My predominant orientation is that of a healer. Since I was a child, I’ve had a deep connection to the natural world – to animals and the spirit world spending most of my childhood in forests. I began healing at the age of 5. Today, I incorporate shamanism, martial art principles and sexual evolution into the offering of my mystery school, The Priestess Path.

The Priestess Path distills the most life changing initiations that I underwent on my journey through the ancient lineages so that women can embody into their full power and be a leader and a blessing in family and community. My Initiatory Illness I developed a severe eating disorder when I was a 15 was taken out of school and hospitalized by 17. When I came out of the hospital, I was worse – destroying myself early. Left to my own destruction, I became motivated by the power of this addiction and took control of my own healing.

Miraculous Healing My intention to heal led me to study with masters of shamanism and I experienced a full and complete healing and dedicated myself to the way of healing. I continued to study with the Foundation for Shamanic studies and graduate from the 3 year program in advanced shamanic healing.

Dedication to the Healing Path My entry into the martial arts came after I healed bulimia and vowed to find a way of “working out” that healed the body rather than breaking it down and also nourished the soul. This led me to Shaolin Kung Fu which has the healing and spiritual art of qigong as its root. Inside of the world of qigong I found healing, emotional peace and a deep connection to Spirit which has become my daily ritual that sets the world right. My passion for high level education, Kung Fu and qigong has resulted in earning 5 black belts and the position of master instructor.

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