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911 UFO Tapes

Join us tonight on The Midnight Ocean, Paranormal Podcast, as we play enhanced 911 UFO tapes of UFO’s These tapes

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Ed Roman singer songwriter

Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock,

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Rob Babylon Rising

Rob Skiba is an award winning documentary filmmaker and the best-selling author of several books including: Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be

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Sasha Spiritualist

Sasha Laghonh,a spiritualist, brings over fifteen years of experience to the commercial and spiritual realm by working with private and

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Derek Christian media

Derek P. Gilbert is the host and news anchor/analyst for SkyWatchTV, a Christian media ministry, host of the Internet radio show

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Sorry for the late notice but tonight’s show has been cancelled due to weather. We have a severe weather alert

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Gerard extraterrestrial presence

Join The Midnight Ocean as we speak with Gerard Aartsen, about esoteric topics and the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Gerard

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Laurie Abduction Researcher

Laurie McDonald clinical hypnotherapist and alien abduction researcher is one of 27 regression therapist listed on the MUFON mental health

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Chris Gogos Alpha Numerologist

Chris Gogos is an alpha numerologist, personality profiler, forecaster, futurist, musician, audio producer. A graduate of Trebas Institute of Recording

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NSA Phone

Check if The NSA is linked to your IPhone **THIS ONLY WORKS ON IPHONE** Follow these instructions to see if

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